We provide services and solutions to the Construction Industry in the area of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Project Engineering and Management, Accounting and Software Development.

Virtual Design and Construction
Software Solutions for Construction
Project Controls Management
Data Science and Analytics
Accounting Services for Projects
Harness your efficiencies by focusing on core business while we take care of your accounting challenges. With unmatched expertise and robust processes Accounting Support for projects is a business unit in vConstruct, that helps and supports accounting functions, compliance, and insurance related services. This group also supports the tasks performed on construction projects by project accountants.
Data Science and Analytics group at vConstruct transforms your data into insightful information to increase predictability, productivity, and ease of building delivery. Our customizable data science solutions leverage historical data to predict cost estimates, construction schedules, and design options for future buildings.
Project Controls Management group works as a part of an integrated team with the general contractors in managing the projects through the construction lifecycle. With our efficient construction engineering services spread across the phases of bidding, preconstruction, execution and closeout, we have been working to deliver work products in a competitive turnaround timeframe, allowing the field engineers to be channeled towards site execution. Looking out for future we are driven towards making the construction management process optimal and better, with a vision of automation and predictive analysis by leveraging the historical data.
Software Solutions for Construction (SSC) is focused on leveraging technology to transform the way we build. We provide solutions mainly in the area of Enterprise Application Integrations, Knowledge Management, Web and Mobile Applications and BIM API Developments. We specialize in using Microsoft and Java based Technology stack that provides integrated and collaborative approach for solution development using Agile Development practices.
Build it virtually before you build it in the field; so that when you build it in the field, you build it right the first time. This is our primary motivator for Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). Like a Time Machine, VDC shows us the events of the future – how a facility will be put together and how it will be when built. Through its visual prowess, its database capabilities and by providing a platform to collaborate with multiple stakeholders and enabling integration of various processes and systems, VDC is going to become the way buildings will be built in the future.
Data Analytics
We believe the power of data analytics is harnessed when we progress from data to insights to actions, thereby connecting intelligence and action. Our data analytics solutions enable organizations to collect, process, and analyze the data to identify patterns and generate insights to help your business.
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Data Engineering
An efficient data strategy is a critical factor that determines the success of your transformation journey. Our data engineering team ensures accessibility through data warehousing solutions based on robust architecture enabling real-time data-driven decisions.  
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New Technology Areas
Our focus on AI and Machine learning makes construction sites more efficient and safer. We use new technologies to optimize work schedules, improve workplace safety, and keep a secure watch on construction facilities. We are the enablers of technology-led transformation of construction technology through solutions like connected workers using sensors for ensuring safety, contract analytics for compliance and risk management using NLP, and Document management through ML algorithms or automation of workflows through Robotic process automation.
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"We maintain the single source of truth for construction documents"  vConstruct assists the project teams with managing the current drawings, maintaining the trail of revision history and making it easily accessible to all the stakeholders in real time. We process track and interlink design documents like RFIs, submittals and drawings in the Project management systems to keep the information available and organized for smoother execution of projects. With having supported over 500 construction projects, vConstruct holds the expertise in best practice implementation in processing, tracking and monitoring of all the construction documents.
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"A picture is worth a thousand words, and a 3D Model is worth a thousand drawings". Visualization is the first and most powerful attribute of VDC. We leverage various visual mediums like 2D images, 3D models, 4D construction sequencing animations, Virtual Reality (VR) walkthroughs and Augmented Reality (AR) simulations to convey the design and the construction plan.
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“Well begun is half done.” A project started with a proper plan can be reliably delivered, better, faster and smarter. At vConstruct, we analyze the construction sequence visually by linking BIM with construction schedule. This helps in identifying potential site logistics and sequencing issues that might affect construction. It also helps optimize the construction schedule by having evaluated multiple construction sequencing options even before starting the work in the field. Considering that Planning and Management is a dynamic and continuous process, we provide continuous support throughout construction project life cycle. 
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“Model to Build, Build to Model”  Construction sites unlike manufacturing have unique site conditions, where non-repeating design concepts are implemented.  A key to success of using VDC is to truly integrate modeling processes with those in the field.  Models have to be organized to reflect field conditions accurately.  Field crew must install as per the configurations shown in the model. vConstruct construction modelling processes, fine tuned through implementation on 500+ projects, integrates modelers and field supervisors.  We sustain a bidirectional feedback loop between the model and the site using a variety of authoring and collaboration tools and personnel interactions.  
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Innovative and Growing Technologies: With the evolving needs of Construction industry there is a definite requirement for the technologies like IoT & Object Recognition. We are developing solutions as platform which can handle multiple business uses and data from multiple sensors like RFID, NFC or some vehicle controllers and then supporting the two-way communication to make the life of the person working at Project Sites easier. As there are lot of documentations involved, so to manage these and take some decisions we must read the documents using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and then to analyze it further need to go process using Machine Learning algorithms to get the handle the automated results. This is done using different Python and standard dictionary.
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Integrations & Plug-in Development: In Construction Industry there are various software applications which are being used for the very focused problem area along the complete lifecycle of a construction project. So, there are many isolated data points and workflows which are created, for the business purpose these needs to be collaborative to take decisions. So, Integration and Accelerators plays an important role. The integrations are done using different methodologies like RestAPI, Export / Import using a SSIS Packages to Common Data bases or in form of XML / CSV formats. Construction being BIM Centric Development there are lot of coordination involves and multiple Civil CAD Tools/Formats are being used, for which we have developed Autodesk Revit Plug-ins to ease a designer life. Creating small solutions around BIM 360 APIs to solve different construction use cases.
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Supporting the Application on Production: Application Support is a critical phase for any applications which are developed in-house or other software applications. These applications vary from Construction Operations & different processes. We provide support with strict SLAs and by maintaining different needs of business applications. This involves Resolution to blockage for the usage of applications by providing the workaround or fixing minor development related issues, providing the valuable inputs for enhancing the product features. Providing support for any Application’s Technical or Patch Upgrades. Coordination between Core Business and Technical Teams. Using different Tools like SAManage, TFS and JIRA for ticketing purpose. Most of the technologies are common for Application development and support.
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"The only thing which is constant in construction is changes in design" Within the context of continuous changes to design, it takes rigor and discipline to react to these changes.  Through the various stages of construction, we provide this rigor and discipline to track changes, ensure cost, schedule and coordination impact study is done by the project team and further communicated to the stakeholders and resolution is accomplished in time. vConstruct’s involvement in Change Management process provides a structured approach which can be distinguished into two distinct functions. First one is “Quantify Changes” to deliver accurate visualization and narrative of changes in drawings at every stage of construction phase. This ensures accuracy in Subcontractor pricing as well as helps General contractor and Subcontractor for coordination purposes. Second part is “Managing subcontractor pricing and change orders” with customized management process for pricing and constant tracking mechanism for effective budget management. Recording the financial transactions that occur as well as giving project team an indication of the progress associated with a project. We make sure that project team is updated with live status for all the pricing which results in overall reduction of risk to all the project stakeholders.
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During the pursuit and preconstruction phase of a construction project we assist with quantity estimating and subcontracting bidding process. Our estimating team analyses 2D drawings and 3D models and extracts quantities for different building systems to support cost estimates and to validate estimates shared by Subcontractors thereby further enabling subcontractor buyout. The process involves breaking up cost for different trade work packages, divisions or components and establishing a control estimate which serves as a framework for quantity and cost trending through the project life cycle. vConstruct has extensive experience of providing this services through various stages of design, from schematic design to construction documentation across Healthcare, Commercial Offices, Hospitality, Advanced Technology, Life Sciences, and Higher Education Projects.
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Technology for Construction optimization Leveraging the Microsoft Technology Stack for building applications for operations, coordination, reporting, analytics, risk and other construction areas. Following best practice for web development using the latest Components & Frameworks. We are using technologies which are essential for application development like
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We review various construction documents like Design Drawings, Construction Drawings, Shop Drawings, Submittals and RFIs in the preconstruction phase to identify inconsistencies, incomplete information and constructability issues so as to ensure complete and coordinated set of documents are used to build the facility. This helps avoid delays in construction that are typically caused either due to waiting for accurate information or due to rework.  
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Insurance administration can be a daunting activity which may lead in fragmented attention of project resources. Our team helps in resolving these challenges by supporting our clientele with recording, entering, reviewing and auditing certificates of insurance of subcontractors. This has helped our clients to achieve highest level of compliance  as we ensure subcontractor is having valid insurance before they hit the job site.
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With larger projects the expense management is a critical part of cost management which may further impact the project costs. With expense management, Our team reconciles transactions of corporate credit card holders. The card transactions are validated with supporting documents provided by the cardholders and then approved for further processing on the credit card portal. Coding of the receipts is checked and then followed-up, if needed, by coordinating with cardholders by the specialized accounting team.
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Engaging and managing workforce and their cost issues can be important activity for success of any project, with dedicated six days working team Accounting services for projects group has supported project teams in tracking the hours spent by crafts on various tasks involved in a project. This data is entered in the E-time tool to achieve process automation at the client end . We support our clients with a dedicated Saturday-working team which handles these entries over the weekend. By 2018: around 1500+ time cards per week were processed by accounting services group at vConstruct.
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Our team supports our customers in various accounting functions such as Accounts Payable, Accounts receivable, Payroll entries, Vendor statement reconciliation, Job set up etc. We also assist in preparation of financial statements and generating various reports like Payroll Analysis, General & Administrative calculation, WIP, AR Metrics Etc.
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Prequalification is process of evaluating and determining whether potential bidders have the skill, judgment, integrity and sufficient financial resources for entering into a contract for construction or repair work. In-short Prequalification is the subcontractor assessment. Our team has been instrumental in helping the site teams evaluate the potential bidders thereby minimizing the risk associated in awarding contracts. 2018: 2800+ fresh subcontractor data evaluated and processed in one year
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Billing Back-up MEO: ASP team is assisting different projects  of our clients in Project Billings to the owner, which are sent out monthly by projects to the Owners. vConstruct-ASP group takes care of the MEO (Material, Equipment and other) Part of the Project Billings. This activity has helped save time of the Project Accountants since ASP combines large volume of invoice data into one package which then helps projects in speedy cost recovery from the owner.
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