We provide services and solutions to the Construction Industry in the area of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Project Engineering and Management, Accounting and Software Development.


“Model to Build, Build to Model” 

Construction sites unlike manufacturing have unique site conditions, where non-repeating design concepts are implemented.  A key to success of using VDC is to truly integrate modeling processes with those in the field.  Models have to be organized to reflect field conditions accurately.  Field crew must install as per the configurations shown in the model. vConstruct construction modelling processes, fine tuned through implementation on 500+ projects, integrates modelers and field supervisors.  We sustain a bidirectional feedback loop between the model and the site using a variety of authoring and collaboration tools and personnel interactions.


Modelling for Construction

Construction models are high precision BIM models used for prefabrication and field layout.  These models are characterized by a higher level of detail, accurate representation of products in the market and construction means and methods.

We work closely with the field teams to incorporate constructability and field constraints into our models.  As these highly detailed models incorporate both spatial inputs (accurate geometry) and sequence inputs (clearances, pour breaks etc.), the layout and prefabrication derived from these models facilitates a higher level of certainty.  A smooth flow of fabrication and site installation increases predictability, quality and safety.

VDC for Field

As field mobility solutions are becoming accessible to most construction projects, relaying information from the models to the field crews has become more common place.  however, in an ecosystem with multiple software and solutions, our team is focused to deliver information in the most effective format to the user in the field.  

We augment traditional shop-drawings to include 3D views, quantities and sequence information in addition to the plan and section views.  consequently, the model based drawings serve as the consolidation of all relevant information for site installation

Progress Tracking

By embedding time parameter in the model, we create 4D models, which helps us develop a simulation of construction sequence with respect to project timeline. This gives a better visibility and accurate forecast in terms of site logistics, procurement, site-space utilization, schedule management & project tracking.  The power of "real time" visualization by continuously feeding the plan model with actual progress onsite helps us course-correct, replan and adjust dynamically and as well as capture actual productivity for us to be able to plan and execute better.