We provide services and solutions to the Construction Industry in the area of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Project Engineering and Management, Accounting and Software Development.


Integrations & Plug-in Development:

In Construction Industry there are various software applications which are being used for the very focused problem area along the complete lifecycle of a construction project. So, there are many isolated data points and workflows which are created, for the business purpose these needs to be collaborative to take decisions. So, Integration and Accelerators plays an important role. The integrations are done using different methodologies like RestAPI, Export / Import using a SSIS Packages to Common Data bases or in form of XML / CSV formats.

Construction being BIM Centric Development there are lot of coordination involves and multiple Civil CAD Tools/Formats are being used, for which we have developed Autodesk Revit Plug-ins to ease a designer life. Creating small solutions around BIM 360 APIs to solve different construction use cases.