We provide services and solutions to the Construction Industry in the area of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Project Engineering and Management, Accounting and Software Development.


“Well begun is half done.”

A project started with a proper plan can be reliably delivered, better, faster and smarter. At vConstruct, we analyze the construction sequence visually by linking BIM with construction schedule. This helps in identifying potential site logistics and sequencing issues that might affect construction. It also helps optimize the construction schedule by having evaluated multiple construction sequencing options even before starting the work in the field. Considering that Planning and Management is a dynamic and continuous process, we provide continuous support throughout construction project life cycle. 

Model-based Coordination

BIM has revolutionized the concept of multi-disciplinary coordination. It helps identify and resolve spatial and temporal conflicts between trades virtually thereby preempting them in the field which could be costly and can derail the project schedule. We bring to table the best practices from 200+ projects we have supported for Model Management, Design & Trade Coordination, Clash Statistics & Constructability Reviews. Through this exposure, we have acquired deep learning on inter-dependency and priority between systems, understanding if the trade models have the right level of detail, what level of coordination should happen when, high impact vs. low impact issues and as well as how long does it take to coordinate a building virtually. All of this helps us plan the BIM coordination effort in a way so that it is does efficiently with minimal rework. 

Scan to BIM

There is almost always a gap between design and real construction. Many factors result in a construction project to deviate from original design drawings, either during construction or at a point in its operation phase. By capturing the as-built conditions, we produce as-built models/drawings to represent the project as it was actually constructed on site. We provide this support for renovation projects and as well as for greenfield projects where we capture as-built for quality check for work put in place. Another key area we focus on is reporting, where we use point cloud data for variance check between design and actual construction like wall plumbness, flatness of concrete cast in place, etc.