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vConstruct In The Austin Business Journal

Wow!  The ABJ featured vConstruct in today’s news showing the rest of Austin what we’re all about. How cool! I’m so proud of us. For those who don’t know us yet, vConstruct is a group of smart, dedicated people, passionate about one simple idea: getting companies to the cloud easily and efficiently.

By now most companies know why SaaS is better – but few anticipate the problems that arise when moving to it. SaaS is easier but it’s not easy. The onboarding process is still clunky, many times resulting in lost productivity and big headaches. And that’s the best case.  A lot can go wrong.  Take transferring your data for example.  What happens if you disrupt or lose your mission critical data? Yikes! Lost data means the company spends even more time and money, at the very least.  Did you know that Bloor Research found that over 80 percent of data migration projects are not delivered on time or to budget?  Its research also found that Forbes 2,000 companies already spend at least $5 billion per year on migrations, and yet cost overruns average 30 percent and time overruns average 41 percent. The big guys might be able to afford that kind of slippage.  The smaller ones definitely can’t.

At vConstruct, we think getting to the cloud should be as simple as possible without being disruptive. We believe all companies, big or small, established or start-up, deserve to benefit from it. That’s why we offer tools and services that make the process of switching business apps seamless, easy and secure.

Big thanks to the Austin Business Journal for sharing our vConstruct story with its readers and showing them who we are: a company that cares about our clients and bringing them into the future today with the cloud.


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I like winning. From baseball and Uno to Trivial Pursuit and working with clients - it doesn't matter. I founded vConstruct to help companies better compete because I like seeing others win too. A big Red Sox fan living in Austin, Texas, I'm also the proud recipient of multiple consecutive presidential fitness awards from grades 3 through 8.

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