SuiteWorld 2011: NetSuite Becomes More Competitive But Still Needs To Improve Analytics

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SuiteWorld 2011: NetSuite Becomes More Competitive But Still Needs To Improve Analytics

SuiteWorld was a fantastic showcase for NetSuite. They are really pushing NetSuite as more than a Quickbooks replacement (although that’s still an acquisition play for them) but rather an entire platform for ERP.

The Mark Hurd speech was short but highly impactful. Pair that with the gossipy item from AdWeek about the exclusive NS party at Ellison’s SF home and it reinforces a gentle reminder that Oracle looms large in the NetSuite backseat.

What we saw in the 2nd day keynote reinforces Evan Goldberg’s vision of NetSuite as a true competitor of, not necessarily head-to-head as a CRM play but certainly as a PAAS play. NetSuite is doing all of the things that have made such a powerhouse – extensibility through a partner-friendly platform play, social through Yammer and adaptability to the cloud through Google Apps.

Finally, NetSuite seems to be headed in the same direction as (if predictions are true). They need to improve their business intelligence and analytics capabilities. Providing their customers with OLAP-lite functionality will go a long way towards generating lock-in in the enterprise. Business users need a tool that provides them the answers they require to maintain and, of course, improve their businesses. Better reporting and analytics is an imperative and NetSuite seems to be on the path to delivering on that promise.


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