Software to Liberate Your Data

What is Portably?
“Portably” is an adverb of “portable”, meaning “to carry or move easily”. Portably is a cloud-based application for integrating, migrating and managing any enterprise data, whether on-premise or on-demand. Our vision is to make it super easy for people to move their data anywhere.

Data Freedom
In our “Portably Manifesto”, we share our vision for a data portability movement, encouraging technology users everywhere to take control of their data. Portably frees your enterprise data so you can manage it however you like, from connecting data silos across your company to moving your data at will every time you switch business software.

It’s YOUR data – don’t settle for anything less than total access and control.

The key to making your data portable lies in our ability to align your systems. Once Portably has identified a common alignment across all of your data, it becomes simple for you to move your data anywhere. Connect it however you want to. Make it talk. Turn it into incredibly useful information. Do whatever you want with it – it’s your data.

No Programming Needed
Portably was designed with non-technical folks in mind. You can use Portably without knowing anything about programming. We don’t expect you to be familiar with the nuances of your specific applications. You don’t have to know how the NetSuite API works or even what it is. You won’t have to define processes for aligning, translating or migrating data. Instead, we do. We make it our business to know the systems, and leave it up to you to decide how you want to access and manage your data.

Our simple interface removes you from the monumentally complex processes that our software enables. We keep you safely in your comfort zone while allowing you unprecedented direct access and control over your enterprise data. Portably takes care of the rest, including managing the entire process and keeping track of each record as it moves. We’ve built in easy features to support data transformations (e.g. translation lists, phone number formatters, etc.), help you with system configuration, merge your data from multiple sources into a single target system, or even merge source and target systems together.

As people everywhere begin to use Portably, we hope to learn from their common mappings. This will make the mapping process that much easier by automatically mapping common components and even making suggestions such as custom records and custom fields. In the beginning we will provide users with templated mappings for approximately 80% of their data. As we grow, we’ll employ our artificial intelligence algorithms to get closer to 90%-95% mapped. Our ultimate goal for achieving data freedom is to make it as easy as possible for you to move your data anywhere, anytime.

This product is now in private beta, but will soon be released to the public. If you have a data portabiliy project and would like to see how our software could help you move or manage your data, please let us know. Just give us a few details about what you’re facing and let’s have a conversation about your needs. If appropriate, you will be invited to join our private beta.

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