Migrating Data – The Dark Horse Of Cloud Computing

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Migrating Data – The Dark Horse Of Cloud Computing

As we’ve been testing MigrationPath, the web-based tool we’re developing that makes moving to the cloud quicker and easier, and seeing positive results, the excitement in the office has been growing. In fact, the other day MigrationPath shortened a portion of a data migration project from 7 hours to 15 minutes!

Recently I was able to share our excitement with George Dearing, founder of Austin-based The Dearing Group. We talked a lot about the need for a tool, like MigrationPath, that makes switching data from one app to another fast and efficient. With the wave of mergers and acquisitions, the need for cost/time-saving tools that gets business data from one app to another is in demand more than ever before.

It was great to talk to someone as excited about our product and company as we are. In fact, George even wrote a blog post about us on his company’s blog. It also appeared in the Content Management Connection blog.

Thanks so much, George, for speaking with me and taking the time to blog about vConstruct.


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