Make Switching Business Systems As Easy As Changing Your Socks

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Make Switching Business Systems As Easy As Changing Your Socks

Had a great chat with Ben Kepes, a Cloud and SaaS industry celebrity, blogger,  and founder of Diversity Limited, a consultancy specializing in SaaS, Cloud Computing and business strategy, about the headaches caused by manually switching business applications, starting with the data first.

While part of the data migration process does have to be manual, a huge chunk of it can be automated. Right now, IT specialists have to manually extract the data, manipulate it in excel, and then upload it into the new application. This process is slow and clumsy. It leaves much room for error, costing businesses time and money they don’t have.

MigrationPath, the web-based tool we’re developing and currently testing, targets this exact problem. It automates the data migration process so that it’s fast, easy, repeatable and secure.

We’ve known for some time now that, by creating this product, we were on to something great. We have big dreams of creating a revolutionary tool that makes moving to the cloud as easy as possible. It was wonderful to speak to Ben and get such positive feedback from a cloud computing big shot. Ben even wrote a post about vConstruct in his blog!

Thanks so much, Ben, for taking the time to speak with me and share your thoughts. We’re excited to keep you posted on MigrationPath!


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