Looking for a Job? Don’t Forget the Cover Letter

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Dear Job Hunters,

First, thank you very much for showing vConstruct so much love.  We posted a few job openings and the response has been fantastic.  Turns out a lot of people want to build a career at vConstruct working with smart people and some really cool technology.  Or maybe they just want a job.  I can’t tell the difference.  Why?  Because too many people send a resume without a cover letter or even bother to write an introductory note telling me what they want.

Put yourself in my shoes for a minute.

I run a small company going very fast not content on being small.  Our resources are stretched super thin.  I’ve gotten over 100 resumes for the Director of Client Services position alone – we have 4 other job openings so add those on top.  We’re bringing a product to market.  We’re ramping up new teammates.  The phone keeps ringing from existing clients and new ones needing our help.  Taxes are due soon.  Legal is reviewing contracts with me.  The bookkeeper needs me to get her an updated list of our 1099 employees and everything else to keep the books in order.  I’m playing A/R and A/P on a daily basis.  Oh yeah, I have my job to do after all that.  Then you send me your resume expecting/hoping that I’ll read it and connect all the dots by myself to see if you’re a good fit for the job or not.  I’m not that smart.  Don’t do that.

Now do you see why I ask for a cover letter?

So please – if you’re really interested in a job with vConstruct – write an introductory email and/or cover letter.  While I can’t promise you the job, I can promise I read each and every submission.




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